The Vattikuti Foundation was created by Raj and his wife, Padma, to support cancer research and treatment programs at Henry Ford Hospitals (Vattikuti Urology Institute) and Beaumont Hospitals (Vattikuti Digital Breast Imaging Centre), both located in Michigan. Achieving these accomplishments has given him the opportunity to concentrate on the Vattikuti Foundation and the Vattikuti group of companies. Chairman of Vattikuti Ventures, Raj Vattikuti is investing in global technology companies. With these companies he shares his knowledge and provides strategy and growth aspects to increase their success in the business world. Through the Vattikuti Foundation, Raj and Padma have continued to lend their support to a number of worthwhile charitable causes. The Vattikuti Foundation is committed to the charitable advancement of multidisciplinary robotic surgery, poverty alleviation and development programs in rural India.

Robotic Assisted Surgery. In 2001, the Vattikuti Foundation donated $20 million to Henry Ford Hospital for prostate cancer research, education and treatment advances and $20 million to Beaumont Hospital for breast cancer prevention and treatment. This development at the Vattikuti Urology Institute in Michigan offers the most advanced treatments for prostate cancer, kidney disease, bladder cancer, and other urologic diseases. Vattikuti Urology Institute surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital have successfully completed nearly 7,000 robotic procedures – more procedures than any other hospital in the world. Patients have come from all 50 states and more than two dozen countries to undergo the Vattikuti Institute Prostatectomy (VIP), a leading-edge procedure, which spares nerves and non- cancerous tissue. Together the hospitals share data and research to treat cancer.

Robotic urologic surgeons around the world today use techniques and procedures pioneered and perfected at the Vattikuti Urology Institute at Henry Ford Health Systems. The Vattikuti Foundation has established several multidisciplinary institutes across the globe with a mission to make robotic surgery available to the common man. We have partnered with well-established institutions to create independent institutes within the institute. These institutions have well developed specialties in the areas of urology, cardiac surgery, gynecology, ENT, surgical oncology, and gastro and hepato-biliary surgery. Some of the twenty institutes in India include Medanta Vattikuti Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Delhi, India, KIMS Vattikuti Robotic Institute, Hyderabad, India, Manipal Vattikuti Robotic Institute, Bangalore, India, Asian Vattikuti Robotic Institute, Mumbai, India Apollo, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi, India. Vattikuti partnerships also include European Vattikuti Institute at Aalst, Belgium, St. Johns Providence, MI, in gynecological robotic surgery, the Providence-Vattikuti Women’s Robotic Surgery, Ascension Health, Michigan, Roswell Park Memorial Hospital, Buffalo NY and Miami University, Miami, FL. Vattikuti has also partnered with The King’s College, which is one of the largest healthcare and research organizations in the United Kingdom. In addition to creating institutes of robotic surgery, an elite network of experts to mentor local surgeons at these institutes has been created.

The Vattikuti Foundation’s Poverty Alleviation and Development Programs in Rural India is focusing on creating infrastructure- both Physical and Information based- that will deliver last mile services to the community through community centres and managed by the community located at Gram Panchayats- administrative units for village clusters. These community centres provide livelihood services, government services, employment, education, and healthcare services using state- of-the- art technology. The Pilot program of the Foundation was launched in 2 Taluks in the Tumkur District of Karnataka, with 240 villages, covering 24,000 families and a population of about 120,000, in association with a partner organization which already has the Community organization in place and works on livelihood program in Agriculture. We are looking to expand into Orissa, Bihar and North East to cover a million people.


The vision of the Vattikuti Foundation is to be a leader in multispecialty robotic surgery and other high-tech minimally invasive surgery through our global network of institutions and surgeons yielding comprehensive, cost-effective delivery of high-quality surgical care to all strata of population.


The mission of the Vattikuti Foundation is to develop worldwide centers of excellence dedicated to the practice of state-of-the-art robotic surgery and to innovate through collaboration with our global network of multispecialty institutes. These institutes will leverage their collective wisdom to provide a positive surgical experience that is affordable to patients from all of society.

The VFRSI Portal

The VFRSI portal is dedicated to bringing together the institutions, professionals and patients with the objective of educating and mentoring the community in the field of minimally invasive surgery through funding programs that educate, refine, inspire and provide equipment to bring this to the common man.

The members of the Vattikuti Network of Institutions and Network Doctors contribute frequently to this portal, making it a unique place for receiving and sharing a wealth of knowledge in the area of robotic surgery. This Website gives the medical community the opportunity to view, participate and also contribute with new ideas.